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Oddities of the parking lot [May. 23rd, 2005|11:05 pm]


[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Just a Phase - Incubus]

Something interesting happened yesterday, meant to type this out, but I'm a bit late. Dah well.

So I'm out there pulling carts with my rope, and I'm on row 14, pulling carts up to the front, and I pass this truck (single cab Ford Ranger) facing me on the other side of the row. I glanced, and see a girl in the middle making out with the driver. Went back to pulling the row of carts, until I glanced again, and realized that they weren't the only two in there. There was a third person, a guy on the passenger side. The thought that ran through my mind was..."Wow, don't you just love being the third wheel?"

I got the row of carts up to the front, and went back to grab some more carts, and glanced at the truck again, and realized that there was a forth person in there. Another female in the middle, making out with the passenger. So now you have two couples in this small truck doing some HEAVY making out. Its kinda hard not to notice, but I went back to grabbing some more carts, mentioned the scenario to one of my co-workers at the end of the parking lot, and I proceeded to go back up to the front with a new row of carts.

This is where it gets REALLY interesting. Going back to the front, I noticed that the females weren't kissing anymore...at least not on the lips >_> The girl with the driver was bobbing her head up and down in his lap, while the girl for the guy in the passenger side was vigorously moving her arms.

I was pretty stunned. These were mexicans...the stereotype still rings true apparently. They have NO shame! And they are all cramped in a small vehicle. I wouldn't do that with my fiancee with someone else in the vehicle for one, and two, not in broad daylight at the front of the store in a parking lot where everyone is around and all the Christian Fundamentalists start screaming for repentance...unless they get off on that >_> Scary thought.

[User Picture]From: xtakethisoathx
2005-05-24 04:41 am (UTC)
what store?
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[User Picture]From: forcedrush
2005-05-24 07:56 pm (UTC)
Walmart in Houston
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